It's not just a keychain...

It's an statement!

Never loose
your keys

We sell one of a kind keychains


Our Clients Say

  • megan
    I love these! The quality is great. The key chains are nice and I absolutely love them. I have one on my work bag.
    - Megan A.
  • stephanie
    The quality I paid for is there . I love them ! I won’t ever pay more than how much I did here for them . But Etsy had them for 5 dollars each so I got a steal ! And they match my steering wheel cover perfect ! Delivery was perfect ! .
    - Stephanie L
  • rosa
    This is my second order of Keychains! I resale them inside of my salon & everyone loves them! Very pleased with product, delivery and price!
    - Rosa M.
  • robert
    I have them everywhere! They are so convenient and stylish. Would make great gifts for multiple people on a budget (like co workers). They are lightweight even with the chapstick in it.
    - Robert
  • jax
    These are awesome, gave one set to my daughters' friend that just turned 16. One I kept for myself and one set aside for my sister's birthday, plus keeping spares to give for unexpected birthdays for my daughters' friends.
    - Jax L.